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Your Village by the Ocean

This is not just another move. It’s a step up to living each day to the fullest. You can walk, bike or ride to just about anything that matters, including a killer breakfast at your favorite café. This is life in East Village. At The Alamitos, you’re just a five-minute walk to the heart of the arts district and only three minutes to the beach.





Alamitos Beach

Not only is Alamitos Beach dog friendly, it’s people friendly too. The beach volleyball courts are free and available for everyone to use. Thanks to an offshore breakwater, the waves are gentle and super safe for swimming and fun for boogie boarding. The sand is expansive and wide open, with plenty of space to lay out a beach towel and enjoy a sunny afternoon. There’s also a concession stand for food, drinks, and beach rentals.


Pine Avenue

If you’re looking for nightlife, you’ll find more restaurants, bars, clubs and live music per square foot on Pine Avenue than on any street in Downtown Long Beach. From The Alamitos, it is just five-minutes by bike, or 15 minutes on foot.


The Promenade

Just like the name suggests, this is a great place for a stroll past shops and restaurants with lots of green space where you just hang out for free. Pedestrian friendly, bike friendly and dog friendly. It’s a great place to see and be seen.

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East Village

Home to the art district and its own distinctly indie vibe, East Village is a haven for locally owned businesses. There’s a boutique shop caters to almost any interest from old vinyl to specialty sneakers to used books and mid-century furniture.